Paddle Board in Miami

The Paddle Board (or Paddle Surf or Stand Up Paddle) has become very fashionable lately. Perhaps you have seen it on some beach; The activity consists of holding on to a surfboard and paddling. Despite how relaxed it may seem, I assure you it is more complicated than it seems!

In a small group of four (all first timers in this surf), we went to Miami Platja (“not the Julio Iglesias, but the Catalan!”). Its resemblance to the Miami avenues is reasonable though prettier – and not by sweeping home. Miami Platja is the coastal part of the municipality of Mont-Roig del Camp, a town known for being the inspiration of Joan MirĂ³. Once in Miami Platja, we approached the Windcat Center of Camping Els Prats, where we were waiting for two monitors with a lot of patience and desire to have a good time.

You grab the board and the oar, you enter the water, you wait for the last wave to go down, and you ride on the board. Easily, with a little strength in your arms, you get on your knees to the board. Everything is stable and simple. After rowing a few meters and taking a reconnaissance round, we are ready to stand on the board. You take the oar with both hands, you stand, you look at the horizon as the monitor indicated before and … Yes, you have, you are standing on the table! Too bad that joy distracts you from your duty to paddle and … Plof !! Drop back into the water.

It is not easy to stand, although judging by the time Erika was standing rowing, maybe the problem of balance I have! I lost count of how many times I fell into the water, but it was hilarious! In fact, I still remember perfectly that feeling of being back on the surfboard and not even having time to rejoice, for once again the movement of the sea itself made me lose my balance. But I would throw myself again! Surely the second hour of class would get better.